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Why SimplyCMB?

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Why SimplyCMB?

I'm often asked why I named my company SimplyCMB. On the surface the answer is really quite...well...simple, with my initials CMB. There is, however, a more personal meaning.

Let's head back to those middle and high school years for a moment. Did you have a friend or classmate that knew exactly what they wanted to be when they grew up? They had a plan, the path to get there, and when the proverbial question was asked, "What do you plan to do after high school?", they never batted an eye. That wasn't me.

I was a good student, had an amazing group of friends, joined in many extracurricular activities, and had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Somewhere in between the expectations of good grades, the pressures of family responsibilities, and all of the challenges that come with growing up...I forgot to see me.

Fast forward two decades. The 40's had arrived, I had a Bachelor's degree and many years of successful marketing experience (where I touched down after missing the mark with optometry), a beautiful home in Northern Michigan (one of four built by my husband and I), a son, a cat, and still no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Somehow I'd successfully navigated 20 years of life with no clear direction.

Enter SimplyCMB.

Despite my lack of of vision, I'd found success through hard work and determination and now had the opportunity to pause for a moment, enjoy time at home with my son, and reflect on life a bit. I finally had the time (and more importantly, the wisdom) to discover me and the things that truly make me happy. I bought a camera and started capturing the beautiful nature and landscapes around me. The more photos I took, the more renewed I felt. And creating my book "The Petoskey And Me" was an opportunity to combine my love of photography and creative writing with the chance to teach my son that you can be successful doing what you love and to stay true to yourself.

So, SimplyCMB stands for...just me. Me letting go of misgivings and pretenses, me accepting myself, me finding my own path and giving it a go.

~C. M. Brenner